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Education Scotland has released a 'Standard' for Work Placements.

The report 'Developing the Young Workforce - Scotland's Youth Employment Strategy' was published last year. This made a number of recommendations towards Scotland producing better qualified, work ready and motivated young people with skills relevant to modern employment opportunities, both as employees and entrepreneurs of the future.

Education Scotland has released a 'Standard' for Work Placements. This document provides helpful support and guidance for everyone involved in the process (pupils, parents/carers, school staff and employers).

It is important to note that the Standard refers to 'work placements' as opposed to the term 'work experience'. This change of terminology reflects the change in approach to one that is more personalised and flexible, with expectations set out before, during and after any placement and a greater focus on project based learning whilst in a workplace setting.

The content and design of the new Standard was shaped by young people, employers, parents, schools and local authorities with the document setting out clear expectations for these core groups.

The Standardcan be downloaded from Education Scotland's website and is part of a suite of documents that includes:

  • Career Education Standard (3-18) (September 2015)
  • Guidance on School/Employer Partnerships (September 2015)

Release of these documents will ensure that our young people will experience the world of work through a range of activities throughout their school career; ultimately leading to a more focused experience of work in the senior phase in the form of a work placement.

Michelle Robertson, Education for Work Officer stated

"Following a review of the School Work Placement Programme 2 years ago, West Lothian Council took the decision to modify the programme to allow our schools to target pupil work placements at a time which would be more beneficial to their future career plans. This change included extending the offer of a work placement to pupils within the Senior Phase, rather than only to S4 pupils. This offer will, where possible, include a tailored placement at a time which would be more relevant and meaningful for pupils as they make decisions about their future.

Enhancing the programme will also assist us in meeting the Recommendations of the Developing Scotland's Young Workforce Report, and Education Scotland's new Standard for Work Placements"

If you would be interested in supporting the programme, through offering placements, or partnering with a school; please contact Michelle Robertson


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