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Gap Year

A gap year can include a multitude of very different activities and experiences. Generally, gap years will take the form of either travel, volunteer work (charity work) or paid work - and can involve being in the UK, overseas or both.

Gap years have a whole host of advantages (and I'm not just talking lots of fun). More and more employers and universities are finding it hard to differentiate between students with the same grades - so a gap year can really help your CV stand out. Here are a few reasons why a gap year is a good idea:

  • Increase your confidence! You'll be surprised how quickly you settle into new jobs, surroundings or situations. A confidence boost is a common side-effect of doing a new job or travel.
  • Earn some money. The money you earn will always be useful when you start university or a career.
  • Improve your future prospects. Employers often look at travel in a favourable light, especially if you have worked or volunteered abroad. However, working or volunteering in the UK still offers you many valuable experiences and skills.
  • Transferable skills. There are many life skills that you can gain from working or volunteering that no amount of education can provide. You learn a great deal more from life by living it than just sat in a classroom.
  • Perfect your personal statement. The number of people applying to university is growing rapidly. Stay ahead of the race with a UCAS application that stands out from the masses and could be the difference between getting the offer you want or not.

Gap Year Opportunities

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